Deeper dive into threat protection

With the ever-increasing speed and sophistication of cyber attacks, The TTB Internet Security provides threat intelligence and protection against unknown and known attacks. Today’s cybercriminals use modern technologies to infiltrate a network. TTB Threat protection provides an additional layer of security against a broad range of threat activity including- malware, ransomware, cryptojacking, crypto mining, malicious sites, phishing attacks and more. TTB threat protection dives deeper into newer methods to restrict the attacks which have been gaining popularity like crypto mining and cryptojacking.

Protection against UnKnown threats

Most modern malware attacks have a tendency to disappear as soon as their mission is complete. The traditional security which works by recognizing threats is not effective against sophisticated threats. That’s why TTB Internet security with threat intelligence uses threat intelligence to catch such threats and malware. The TTB threat protection platform analyzes and identifies malicious attacks in real-time. It leverages threat intelligence and behavioral analysis to protect the endpoints before they get infected.

How TTB Threat Protection helps?

Blocks malicious sites

The TTB threat intelligence and protection detect, analyze and monitor malicious and unwanted web content and sites. It blocks the potential dangers automatically so that they cannot do damage. Customers can also customize network settings according to their requirements.

Real-time Anti-Phishing

A Phishing attack is considered to be the most popular way to attack both end-users and businesses. A phishing attack can lead to potentially unlocking a massive amount of data. TTB Anti-Phishing with threat intelligence can prevent data-loss through real-time scans.

Streaming malware detection

The innovative technology designed to identify and stop sophisticated threats. TTB with threat detection approach provides protection against for users and networks against malware and persistent threats to avoid unacceptable risk.

Keeps users safe and secure

The TTB threat protection and intelligence with greater accuracy provide anti-malware and antivirus so that end-users and enterprises can enjoy secure web browsing. The advanced security protects the network from malicious and unwanted sites.

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