What is Network Protection?

With the ever-increasing destructive threats, endpoint security is not enough for the protection of business and enterprises. Protecting the networking infrastructure from unwanted access, unauthorized disclosure, hijacking, malfunction or modification of confidential data is a crucial step in protecting your business.Network security prevents against unauthorized intrusion into business networks. Network security is designed in such a way to protect the confidentiality and integrity of data and network by combining both the hardware and software technologies. Every enterprise regardless of its size or industry needs network security solutions against advanced and modern cyber threats. Network security solutions protect the underlying networking infrastructure from unwanted access, malfunction, destruction or misuse.

Network Security for Business

With cyber criminals constantly developing new ways to attack the network, businesses need reliable network protection that can prevent such threats. Most of the sophisticated attacks in businesses are due to unsecured internet and network.TTB Network Security detects advanced attacks in real-time. Also, it automates security alert that needs to be investigated. Advanced network security along with threat intelligence detects threats for all encrypted or unencrypted network traffic.TTB leverages behavioral analysis to accurately detect the most sophisticated and advanced threats to remediate major security incidents. The network and web security keep the business’s network protected from infectious devices by actively identifying and blocking sites that include malicious activities.

Layered, Powerful Network Security Solutions for Businesses

TTB Network security protection is a highly effective way to secure network and preventing browsing from becoming a high-security risk. TTB scans the internet network many times in a day to detect global threats in real-time. If any site or network is suspicious, it is blocked automatically and accurately. TTB layered and powerful protection offers complete network visibility and significant security by reducing the number of malicious and suspicious sites.TTB threat detection combined with advanced learning, detects modern threats can stop up to 95% malicious network traffic. It manages the network traffic more efficiently, enhance network performance and also ensures that the data transferred is secured. Most dangerous botnets, spam, phishing sites and malware sites are automatically blocked. TTB network protection is very reliable and secure way for businesses and enterprises to reduce security risk.

Why TTB network security?

Threat Intelligence

Automated and intelligent anti-malware protection ensures that endpoint networks are safe from all kinds of viruses, malware, ransomware and other online threats.

Increase Network Visibility

The threat intelligence works effectively across multiple operating systems to protect your enterprise against most elusive cyber threats.

Block Threats

Detects infection in real-time to ensure safe web-browsing with web protection to boost productivity, security and to reduce costs and cyber vulnerabilities.

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