What is Malware?

Malware refers to malicious software that is developed intentionally to infiltrate a system or the entire network. A malware infiltration results in data theft, identity theft, extortion or crippling of network systems. Whereas, malware detection is a process of detecting the presence of malware using threat intelligence to reduce risk and improve network performance. Malware is designed in such a way that it can infect, steal, explorers or conduct any behavior an attacker wants.

The sophistication of malware attacks is becoming more and more advanced and aggressive every day. Malware, when infiltrate a network, can pilfer personal information, steal personal credentials, take away important data and many more. Malware penetrates a computer through infected websites, infected files or malicious websites in order to steal away personal data.

Malware attacks on business

Malware attacks on businesses went up by 55 percent in the year 2018. Trojan attacks on businesses went up 94 percent and ransomware attack rose 88 percent in the same year. But why does cybercriminal attacks businesses? The simple answer is- businesses offer a broader attack surface. 95% of malware detected in business in the year 2018 was polymorphic. These variants are short-lived and enterprises which depend upon traditional methods are unable to catch them before they infiltrate a network. Such malware can result in disasters as they have the power to wipe up the complete critical data of an enterprise and even complete breakdown of a network.

Cybercriminal uses destructive malware to enter into business’s network through phishing emails, third-party connections, or password changing. They have enough capacity to destruct the complete network. To protect the business from malware attacks, multi-layered secured is required.

TTB’s Approach to malware attacks

With the ever-increasing challenges by modern threats, multiple layers of security are required to keep malicious activities away from the network. TTB with triple-layer of security catches these malicious files before they can attack the network. The advanced Malware detection improves the overall network performance and it also reduces the latency.

  1. First, it inspects files as they stream through a network.
  2. Second, it scans code for signatures associated with malware.
  3. Third, the malware that is detected is neutralized before it can infiltrate the network.

Smarter way to protect your business

TTB Malware detection is designed to combat challenges of polymorphic by catching malicious files in general before they can infiltrate or spread across your network. The additional layer of security into the network can integrate to detect known and unknown malware threats and attacks. Combined with threat intelligence, TTB Malware detection overcome the pace of malware creation and protects the network from malicious threats.

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