What is endpoint security?

To protect your business, you need to secure your network endpoints like desktop, laptop, smartphones, servers, and printers from hackers, ransomware, malwares, phishing, and threat breachers. Endpoint security leverages a platform to restrict security threat from accessing your network. Endpoint protection delivers prevention, detection and visibility to keep critical data safe.

Protect your endpoints with advanced and integrated security!

With the global outbreak of cyber threats and with increasing complexities of endpoint networks, layered and smarter endpoint protection is your active defense for preventing modern threats. Having an integrated and advanced endpoint foundation is considered to be the most crucial step in preventing your business against critical vulnerabilities. Combined with threat intelligence and deep analysis, TTB endpoint security provides unmatched protection against unknown malware, ransomware and exploits. The advanced and integrated endpoint security rather than relying on primary and outdated techniques employ a comprehensive in-depth defense approach to endpoint security. The threat intelligence along with deep learning detects both known and unknown threats and malware before they can infiltrate a network.

Endpoint Protection and Detection

The automated advanced security for endpoints with integrated prevention, monitoring and detection offers a real-time approach to identify malicious threats. TTB endpoint solutions deliver a single platform to protect a business network from today’s threats and tomorrow’s malware attacks. Our threat intelligence helps us quickly identify and detect new and emerging threats. The intelligent and advanced endpoint security is smarter, powerful, and faster than ever.The behavior shield actively analyzes suspicious data coming in and out of the devices in order to block and restrict malicious files, dangerous websites unusual behavior, and other threats. Backed by the most powerful endpoint security, TTB security makes it easy to secure and manage enterprise and business networks. Businesses and enterprises can count on TTB advanced and integrated endpoint security for the protection of their endpoints.

Why TTB Endpoint Protection?

Advanced Anti-malware Protection

Automated and intelligent anti-malware protection ensures that endpoint networks are safe from all kinds of viruses, malware, ransomware and other online threats.

Intelligence approach

The threat intelligence works effectively across multiple operating systems to protect your enterprise against most elusive cyber threats.

Dynamic Web Security

Detects infection in real-time to ensure safe web-browsing with web protection to boost productivity, security and to reduce costs and cyber vulnerabilities.

Threat Prevention

Examine and limit the impact of zero-threats, hackers and malware by blocking suspicious behavior before they can spread or infect your environment.

Intense Inspection

Integrated technology identifies unfamiliar behavior and with deep analysis blocks malware before it affects any device or network within seconds.

Comprehensive reports

With comprehensive reports on malwares, threats and viruses have your entire network under your control to enhance accuracy, control and visibility.

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