Powered by threat intelligence, behavioral analytics and
artificial intelligence to uncover hidden threats

Modern targeted attacks are designed in such a way to defeat the security system by puzzling defenses. TTB advanced behavioral detection combines threat intelligence and artificial intelligence to scale up, block and defeat such latest threats. When an infected system is identified, the advanced behavioral analyzer deploys modified security strategies to help prevent mishaps in the network.

Why TTB behavioral detection?

With advanced behavioral detection and intelligent threat detection, TTB leverages control on the network to minimize the complexities without impacting productivity. Threat detection detects unknown malicious behavior at the earliest stages of execution to prevent data compromise and loss. TTB behavioral analyzer analysis the suspicious behavior, flags detects and blocks the malicious venture. Behavioral-based detection is a part of TTB’s next-generation security to protect against modern threats, ransomware attacks, file-less malware and security breaches.

Reduce Cyber Risk

Automated behavioral detection minimizes the exposure to security threats by detecting malicious behavior at their initial stage. With the early detection of anomalies, TTB’s advanced technologies protect the network from security breaches.

Insights into the network

The next-generation advanced behavioral detection uses a sophisticated approach to security to tackle the malware and malicious attacks. It analysis behavior to deal with the complex cyber-attacks and to get proper insights into the network.

Monitoring, analyzing and detection

TTB monitors the behavior of network traffic and detects potential threats. Analysing of traffic provides early detection of anomalies which helps in fighting with the advanced threats.

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